Kitti & Mochi

I’ve recently become the mother of a 2 ½ years old black and white male cat. We are now living in Porto, Portugal.

Unfortunately, the story behind my lovely boy’s adoption is a sad one: I’ve known this cat for two years, since he was only a little kitten. He lived with one of my neighbours and since she was a nice lady, I was able to see him everyday.

At that time, his name was Romeo. It was a very short journey since me and Romeo became friends and, in the end, he accepted me being around him (since cats have their own personality). Every time I wanted to be around him or even when I was feeling down I was able to visit and play with him.

He was able to make my day better just by seeing him, and that was an amazing feeling.

Sadly, in November last year my neighbour passed away from complications of a cancer she was battling for several years…and the cat became an orphan and in danger of getting abandoned to a shelter, or worse, on the streets. My heart couldn’t handle the idea. At that point I really loved him. If I wouldn’t have done anything to change the situation, I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. So I decided to give him a better fate and I adopted him.

I named him Mochi, like the sweet Japanese dessert, and we have been living together ever since.

I really love him and I feel he knows it.

I’m always looking to give him the best life, but I can’t do it alone, nor do I know everything that’s suited for him, which is why I am a frequenter of this blog, Kingdom Paws. This is how I can keep him healthy and provide him informed caring.

Nothing’s better than being able to have free access to an actual vet doctor to draw advice from.

We thank you! —  Cătălina-Nicoleta Toșu