9 Signs It’s Vet Time

Having a pet is an amazing and rewarding experience but, as in life, everything comes with big responsability! Since we have a very long journey with our companions, one of my previous posts can better explain everything you need to know about vet check-ups. It can happen to all of us (including our pets) to READ MORE

☤ Pet Vet Tips & Tricks for Consultation & Medication

🐾 Pet vet tips contain cautionary thoughts, which can save time, trouble, and stress for everyone in the family. In this post you will understand more about our backstage work world. 🐾 I always say that when you know a process better then you know how to react accordingly. Our little patients have paws When READ MORE

✔ Pet Care Plan, Wellness Blood Testing & Other Tests

You have a new furry member in your family? Now you need to take care of a few aspects that can meet the unique needs of your pet based not only on their breed and lifestyle, but also on their development needs as they grow older! Before everything, make sure you have all the information READ MORE

✔ Be ready for your vet visit

1. Saving More Time During Consultation! Most veterinary clinics have a specific time alocated for consultation meaning that to be able to help more pets we need to have a schedule. When you usually book an appointment, the receptionist asks you what time interval would suit you better so that she can check to see READ MORE